News:: We design & build Green Tea Room or “Ochyashitsu” for you who wish to have it at home, garden or office in the US, Asia and others. We have three Green Tea Room concepts and design it upon your favorite, space and budget. We welcome your contact.

1. Simple Japanese Tea Room Interior as a Set of Furniture: Wakei-An

Ready-Made Tokonoma Unit and Tatami Floor.
This is a simple Japanese tea room interior like a set of furniture in your room

The customer can use it like furniture at the corner of the living room.
• Since we mostly use real solid cedar* you can enjoy the scent of woods all its own.
• Sugi and/or Hinoki or similar one locally available wood and real Japanese Tokobashira made of Kitayama Sugi (product of northern mountain in Kyoto, Japan).
• It is relatively easy to assemble, de-assemble to carry out, and re-assemble it for moving or for the Tea Ceremony event.
• It can be separated by optional folding paper screen from other space of the room.
• The 3 jyo Tatami can be folded and set aside for the other usage of its space. This product is recommended to the following customers;
• instructor of Sado or Green Tea Ceremony, who demonstrates occasionally at some event where the temporary Green Tea Room is needed
• persons who love Green Tea and practice Sado or Green Tea Ceremony. This product can be set up at the corner of your living room, office or restaurant so that you, your colleagues, guests or customers can enjoy Japanese Green Tea.
This can be assembled into your room and just put like portable furniture according to your preference and convenient usage.

Major Compoments and Dimension for Wakei-An

The photo shows this product with 3 Jyo (3 Tatami Mats) and can be made with 4.5 Jyo or 6 Jyo. The customers can confirm the specifications and make order request or inquiry at contact of this Website

2. In-house Tea Room

Your western-style room in your house can be remodeled into the in-house Green Tea Room as you like.

The photo is an example of our design of the integrated Japanese tea room interior as a remodeled western style room. You can put this as a single room at the corner of your big living room if it is big enough. Please contact us here.

3. A single Japanese Green Tea House in your garden

This can be a single detached or attached tea house in your garden, just like a guest house. The photo below is a Japanese Tea House Choshuukaku located in Sankeien

New Higurashitei (Ritsurin garden, Takamatsu)

Rinshunkaku (Sankeien Garden, Yokohama)