News:: We design & build Green Tea Room or “Ochyashitsu” for you who wish to have it at home, garden or office in the US, Asia and others. We have three Green Tea Room concepts and design it upon your favorite, space and budget. We welcome your contact.

Most structural wood materials are Port Orford Cedar. We import Kitayama (Northern Mountain) Cedar from Kyoto Japan for Tokobashira and rail. You can enjoy Cedar aroma.   

Those components can be assembled by professional builder. It takes about half day for two persons to assemble. 

Major Components  Material 
A – Lattice Port Orford Cedar 80mm * 80 mm
B – Pillar Port Orford Cedar for most of the structural frames
C – Shoji frame Port Orford Cedar
D – Alcove floor Finished with solid Sipo ( Utile )
E – Tokobashira pillar Kitayama (Northern Mountain) Cedar imported from Kyoto, Japan 90mm
F – Wall Wall plate      Wall paper with Soil Plaster Plywood for both side of base plate   
G – Tokonoma rail Kitayama (Northern Mountain) Cedar imported from Kyoto, Japan
H-Tokonoma Tatami Mat    Surface finish with Japanese Rush with Styrofoam Core 476*1892mm
I – Tatami Mat Kyo-datami finished with Japanese Rush with styrofoam Core
J – Tatami Mat frame Port Orford Cedar

Note for the product:
• The roof is not water-proof. This is just like interior furniture.
• The roof lattice is not covered by paper screen, but just open.           
• The customer can select wall color and materials from the prepared list.           
• This space can be separated by optional folding paper screen from other space of the room. The Japanese lantern is also optional.           
Actual W: 3.045m (9.99ft) x L: 2.58m (8.465ft)H: 2.292m (7.5ft)
Between Centers of Pillars L:3m (9.8t) W: 2.5m (8.2ft) H: 2.292m (7.5ft)           



Photo of Green Tea Room: Wakei-Ann as a Set of Furniture  






Kakejiku Hanger  


Vase Hanger 

 All the parts can be carried by a light truck.  
  It takes three hours for two persons to assemble.