News:: We design & build Green Tea Room or “Ochyashitsu” for you who wish to have it at home, garden or office in the US, Asia and others. We have three Green Tea Room concepts and design it upon your favorite, space and budget. We welcome your contact.


Internationally, Japanese culture and products are gaining increased popularity including Japanese cuisine, Kabuki, Judo, Green Tea, Japanese animation, automobiles, cooking styles and tools. People worldwide are consistently amazed at the high quality of Japanese products and services. Japanese Tea Rooms are built to the highest standards in keeping with the “Wabi-Sabi” traditional way of arts. While once you may have wished to have a Japanese Tea Room, you may have wondered how you could build it far from the materials, carpentry and architects of Japan.

In principal, a Japanese Tea Room should be uniquely designed and built to reflect the host owner’s spirit and their local natural environment. It should consider the owner’s intention and scale. Yet some people may desire a simple, less expensive, Tea Room Space for use in your daily life and a part of your living room.

Considering a variety of needs we architects propose three concepts of a Japanese Green Tea Room from a simple addition to your furniture to a complete Green Tea House and we will build them wherever you live according to your preference:

(1) A simple Japanese Tea Room interior as furniture in your room:

We provide two prepared design model on the top page. Visit Concepts of Green Tea Room.

(2) An integrated Japanese Tea Room as remodel of your space:

For this time we just introduce you varieties of famous Japanese Green Tea Rooms’ interior to inspire your ideas and your reference.

(3) A single detached or attached tea room house in your garden.

We introduce varieties of famous Japanese Green Tea House from small scale to large scale as well as their annex, landscape and garden to inspire and encourage your ideas.
We welcome you to contact us with your questions and for further information.

Kazuki Komoda Biography

photopro1 Mach 2004: Established Kazuki Komoda Architects at
Sakura Enterprise Corporation (Tokyo Governor
Registration No.49668)


• April 1995: Kenzo Tange Associates (About 7 years)
• March 1995: Master of Engineering, Department of Built Environment,
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
• March 1993: Bachelor of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture,
Tokyo Institute of Technology
• March 1988: Graduated Tokai senior high school
• July 1969: Born in Kagawa, JAPAN (Growing up in Nagoya)


• Licensed architect, Japan
• Licensed interior coordinator, Japan


• Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers